Click, Order, Style: Must-Know Tips for Buying Oversized Tees Online

Click, Order, Style: Must-Know Tips for Buying Oversized Tees Online

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If you haven't tried the oversized tee yet, then you're missing out on a major trend. These relaxed, comfortable and cool t-shirts have stormed the fashion world with their cool, effortless style that works for any occasion. But with so many options available online, it can get tricky to find the perfect oversized fit. Don't worry, as we bring you the must-know tips to help you click, order, and style like a pro.

1. Size Up (but not too much!)

The right fit is the most crucial factor in finding the perfect oversized tee. Aim to go one or two sizes up from your regular size for that laid-back look, but be careful not to go too big , as it can make you appear frumpy. Check the size chart diligently and opt for a size that falls between your regular fit and being excessively baggy.  And it is advisable for beginners to purchase from a website that offers return/exchange options.

2. Consider the Fabric

A stiff, rigid fabric can kill the vibe of an oversized cotton t-shirt. Look for super soft, flowy materials like modal blends, rayon, or lightweight cotton. These fabrics will drape nicely and keep you as relaxed as you look.

3. Inspect Those Product Shots

Make sure to thoroughly inspect product photos from all angles and read the details, product descriptions, and reviews before purchasing. This will give you a better sense of how it'll fit and hang on your body.

4. It's All About Proportions

Balance the relaxed, slouchy shape of oversized tees by pairing them with skinny bottoms like skinny jeans or sleek chinos. This offsets the drape and defines your shape. Complete the look with chunky sneakers or slides to stay comfy yet put together.

5. Layer It Up

Oversized tees can easily be layered up. Whether you're going for an aesthetic workout look with a fitted tank underneath or making it work-appropriate by adding a blazer or jeans/ jacket, the possibilities are endless with just one oversized tee.

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