Trendsetter's Guide: How to Rock Vintage Tees Like a Pro

Trendsetter's Guide: How to Rock Vintage Tees Like a Pro

Vintage tees act as a time machine, whisking your style back to the golden eras of fashion. In today's world, the vintage theme is a major trend. Whether you're rocking an old vintage t-shirt, showcasing a classic from your favourite band, or adding a retro touch to your everyday wardrobe - vintage tees offer endless possibilities for expressing your personal style. Even vintage graphic t-shirts are incredibly popular in the fashion world and a great way to express unique styles while paying homage to the past. So, if you're ready to channel your inner trendsetter and master the art of rocking vintage tees like a pro, you've come to the right place.

The Key to Rocking Vintage?

The number one rule for wearing a vintage tee? You have to own it with total confidence ! Vintage clothes have a fun, carefree spirit, so lean into that mentality. Rock that worn-in band tee or faded graphic t-shirt with your head held high. The more you embrace the vintage look with your attitude, the more classic you'll appear.

Start With the Right Fit

When thrifting for vintage tees or buying a vintage-themed t-shirt online, it's crucial to ensure the right fit. Nobody likes a shirt that's too baggy or too tight. Aim for a size that suits you. For an ideal classic men's fit, the shoulders should fit nicely, and there should be a touch of room in the body without being oversized. However, with 97th Hour t-shirts, you don't have to worry about the wrong fit.

Our shirts are designed to offer the right fit for a classic look. Our t-shirt collections combine that ideal vintage-inspired fit with modern graphics and designs. The Graphic Offroad T-shirt is the perfect example - it has a cool, worn-in look with a bold racing-themed print. Try pairing it with jeans or trousers for a stylish yet chic look.

Distress for Extra Vintage Vibes

One of the easiest ways to give your t-shirt a vintage flair is by distressing it yourself. You can try DIY bleach or use sandpaper for a rough/washed effect. But if DIY isn't your thing, then 97th Hour has got your back. The 97th Hour’s Old Fashioned T-shirt features a classic cocktail graphic with a subtly distressed feel straight out of the box. This shirt effortlessly brings a vintage vibe to any outfit, making it perfect for casual wear or for adding a retro touch to a more formal ensemble.

Mix Vintage and Modern Pieces

Picture this: you're wearing an old band faded t-shirt with a sleek leather moto jacket and skinny jeans. While this full vintage look will rock any themed party,but for everyday wear, it's best to mix it with modern pieces. Pair your vintage t-shirt or 97th Hour's Black Tokyo T-Shirt with a modern kimono or a worn-in jeans jacket for a fresh inspired look.

Accessorize with Retro Flair

To really set off a vintage t-shirt outfit, don't forget the accessories! A stack of kitschy retro bracelets or a classic enamel ring can amplify the nostalgic vibes instantly. For footwear, you can't go wrong with old-school Vans, Converse, or combat boots. Finish off with a crossbody bag or fanny pack for the full vintage feel.

Final Words

If vintage is your style or you're willing to explore the vintage trend, then you must try our 97th Hour t-shirts. Our collection is all about fusing the retro aesthetic with contemporary designs. You can wear a fusion of contemporary design, from our mens’ graphic t-shirts to old-fashioned styles. So, don't miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of vintage-inspired elegance to your wardrobe. Shop from our collection today and discover the perfect blend of old-school charm and modern sophistication.