Style Guide : 6 Must-Try Oversized T-Shirt Looks for 2024

Style Guide: 6 Must-Try Oversized T-Shirt Looks for 2024

In the long run, oversized T-shirts have become a versatile staple in the fashion industry, blurring the lines between comfort and style. The oversized style has become a favourite of many, including celebrities and influencers. As these relaxed fits have made their space in the fashion industry, various prints and designs have gained popularity. Therefore, today, we bring you styles that are not only trendy but also a must-try for the current year.

Oversized T-Shirt Trends: Style Inspiration You Can't-Miss

As we walk into the 2024 summer, oversized t-shirts are among the first to be named.  They are not only a must-have in men’s wardrobes but are also unique piece of clothing that can be styled in different ways. That's why, we say an oversized shirt is a new comfort. At the 97th Hour, we've curated a collection of men’s oversized fits that redefine comfort and style. 

Let's dive into these five irresistible oversized t-shirt looks destined to dominate the fashion landscape in 2024.

1. Iconic Japanese Tiger Pop Graphic Oversized T-Shirt - Black

Embrace the allure of Japanese culture with the 97th Hour’s iconic tiger pop graphic oversized t-shirt.  It features a captivating abstract graphic at the back and a bold "9700" print on the front, making it an ideal choice for casual outings with friends or vibrant music festival. Its graphics are so subtle yet chic that it can be styled on various occasions.  You can pair it with jeans and sneakers for a relaxed look or layer it with a blazer or a shacket for a more refined and sleek look.  Its abstract tiger print adds an element of attention, making it an idealist to make a statement wherever you go. 

2. Unlock Me with Keypad Oversized T-Shirt - Black

We've got you covered if you want a comfortable t-shirt to rock on your first date. Try our best-selling "Unlock Me" oversized t-shirt.  This t-shirt is designed for people who like to keep their look minimal. The t-shirt has fashionable prints adorning both the front and back, adding uniqueness to any outfit.  A keypad motif on the bottom front adds a playful touch, making it a standout piece in your wardrobe. Try styling it with slim-fit jeans and derby for a stylish dinner date, or opt for joggers and high-top sneakers for a laidback look. 

3. Manhattan Graphic Oversized T-Shirt - White

If you're somebody who opts for comfort over style, then your search has ended. Because the 97th-hour oversized t-shirt men’s collection serves the purpose, they are made with 100 %  cotton yarn, offering a soft and luxurious feel and its unique graphic print makes it unique and stylish. Our “The Manhattan Graphic Oversized T-Shirt” in white offers a classic yet elegant option for city explorations or outdoor picnics. Team our favourite Manhattan graphic oversized with comfortable sneakers and sunglasses for a day of urban adventures, or layer it over denim shorts for a picnic vibe. 

4. Herbology Botany Image Graphic Oversized T-Shirt - Black

You were looking for sustainable earthy prints, we heard you. The 97th hours’ Herbology Botany Image Graphic Oversized T-Shirt in black is a must for fashionistas looking for unique prints but classy vibes. The t-shirt is apt to channel your love for nature, and it features a monochrome botanical design,  making it a perfect stylish statement piece that effortlessly combines fashion and comfort. You can create various best-suited looks with cargo pants and hiking boots for a chic outdoor adventure or team it up with denim overalls and a wide-brim hat for a special occasion.

5. Pop Bird Urban Graphic Oversized T-Shirt - Olive

Today, a growing environmental awareness leads more people to embrace sustainable clothing practices. "That's why, with the surge in appreciation for earthy tones, we've curated an Pop Bird Urban Graphic Oversized T-Shirt that embodies both style and sustainability.

It's essential if you want to experiment with green tones. The front logo features the phrase "fly high," while the vibrant background graphic adds a playful twist. This is an ideal option; you can style it for college or on different occasions. To create a stylish look, pair jeans and sneakers for a relaxed yet elegant college event outfit, or pair it with denim shorts, a fanny pack, and platform sandals for a fun and fashionable occasion. 


The trends will come and go, but men's oversized T-shirts will remain in style. That's why investing in a premium oversized T-shirt becomes a necessity. Oversized T-shirts from The 97th Hour offer a perfect blend of comfort, style, and individuality. Each piece in our collection is designed to cater to the diverse tastes and looks to modern fashion enthusiasts.

The T-shirts are versatile and available in different prints and patterns, giving you an ocean of choice. So, don't miss out on your chance to grab your favourite oversized T-shirts before they sell out! Get yours now—only at the 97th hour.