Unconventional Ways to Style Polo Shirts for a Night Out

Unconventional Ways to Style Polo Shirts for a Night Out

Fashion is an aspect of modern life where the fusion of classic meets contemporary, and together, they often seem to yield the most striking impacts. The 97th Hour Polo collection explores some out-of-the-box ways to style polo shirts for a night out, ensuring that it is an all-rounder piece that breaks the conventional boundaries in every way you can think.

1. The Layered Look

Start with a base layer of The 97th Hour polo shirt and layer it with a lightweight and sleek bomber jacket. This will add depth to your outfit and cater to the unpredictability of night-time temperatures. You can also opt for contrasting colours or patterns to inject some of your personality into your ensemble. A floral bomber can complement the solid colour of the polo, creating an eye-catching look.

2. Accessorise Wisely

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Match the polo shirt with a statement watch or solid colour belt when heading for a night out. It adds an elegant touch and its simplicity brings the polo to a new level for the night. A leather bracelet or a ring can also add a subtle edge to your outfit, making it clear that you’re not headed to the office or a golf course.

3. The Right Bottoms

Swap out your daytime chinos or shorts with something bolder, like leather pants or tailored trousers. The men's polo shirts paired with an off-beat bottom can evoke a sophisticated look with an unexpectedly edgy twist. For the more adventurous types, the well-fitted high-waisted pants coupled with tucked-in polo shirts will do the trick.

4. Footwear Counts

Shoes can change the whole aspect of the outfit. Instead of wearing the usual sneakers or loafers, why not opt for Chelsea boots or even brogues? These choices can seamlessly transition any branded polo shirt from a casual daytime look to something more suited for evening wear. It allows comfort marry style, and you'll be sure to look as good as you feel.

5. Play with Colours and Textures

Do not hesitate to try different colours and textures. A polo in a cotton or satin finish gives a luxurious touch to your outfit, making it perfect for an evening out.  Mixing textures also adds an interesting depth to your look, such as a sleek, shiny polo with rough, distressed jeans. 


Styling the best polo shirts for a night out does not have to be a drab affair. With our classic men’s polo transform your classic look into a head-turning look with The 97th Hour's innovative twist. Layering smartly,  accessorising well, choosing the right bottoms, considering your footwear, and playing with colours and textures together could redefine the meaning of evening wear by breaking the barriers. The beauty of fashion is experimental and up to personal expression. Next time you are getting dressed for the night, reach for a polo and remember some of these less-than-typical style tips. Let The 97th Hour take you on a journey where tradition fuses with modernity, simplicity, and sophistication.