Beyond Basics: Making a Statement with Oversized T-shirts for Men in Everyday Fashion

Beyond Basics: Making a Statement with Oversized T-shirts for Men in Everyday Fashion

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An oversized t-shirt for men is more than just a loose-fitting garment, it’s a style choice that speaks volumes about style, comfort, personality band, and a keen sense of personal expression.

Men can easily make a fashion statement with oversized t-shirts. It is no longer constricted to lazy Sundays or gym sessions. Let’s see how we can style an oversized t-shirt as a statement piece in everyday fashion for men.

Keep a Balance

While rocking an oversized t-shirt, it is beneficial that you keep in mind the proportions for its styling. Try pairing your oversized t-shirt with slim-fit jeans or tailored trousers to create a more symmetrical and well-balanced look for you. This perfect balance is the key to maintaining contrast between the elements of your outfit, it adds visual interest and depth to it, ensuring that your look appears intentional and stylish. The 97th Hour offers the best t-shirts for men to style according to their style and preference.

Elevate Through Accessories

That casual and relaxed vibe of an oversized stylish t-shirt for men can be elevated by just adding the perfect pieces of accessories to your look. Think of a stylish watch, it instantly creates a look that is more polished rather than casual, or you can opt to add a subtle necklace with a cool pair of sneakers to add personality to your outfit. This way, you can strike the right balance between comfort and style, making your oversized t-shirt the focal point while still flaunting your unique taste through accessories.

The Art of Layering

Layering is a versatile technique that helps add depth and texture to an oversized t-shirt. Here, you can flaunt a look by experimenting with different options, like throwing on a denim jacket if you want a classic and timeless look, or you can choose a hoodie to add a streetwear edge to your look. Layering enables you to add different textures and styles, it is a way to showcase your creativity and create a fashion-forward statement. Layer the best t-shirts for men from The 97th Hour to create that casual yet trendy look.

Vibrant colours

Depending on the mood of the day and occasion, try experimenting with vibrant colours rather than just sticking with classic neutrals. Vibrant colours help you make a bold statement and give a boost of energy to your outfit. Consider choosing complementary tones to enhance your appeal. This vibrant mix of colours makes your outfit playful and helps you stand out by making a statement. The 97th Hour offers a variety of vibrant colours to choose from in their stylish t-shirts for men.

Know Your Fit

While styling the oversized trend you should aim at embracing your body’s style and silhouette. Opting for a well-fitted oversized t-shirt provides a comfortable fit, on the other hand, an ill-fitted one can get you overwhelmed due to the excess fabric. Finding the perfect fit that complements your body shape can be achieved by experimenting with different sizes while keeping that casual vibe of the oversized trend to make a fashion statement. 

Choices on Footwear

Your choice of footwear can either make your outfit look good or spoil it. If you are wearing an oversized T-shirt, try not to look too dressed down by wearing canvas shoes or sneakers. The look can also be a little smarter, though, by wearing boots or loafers.

Experiment with Textures and Patterns

 Don't shy away from oversized T-shirts with bold patterns or unique textures. These can serve as the focal point of your outfit, allowing you to keep the rest of your look simple and understate. Partially tuck that oversized T-shirt into your pants or shorts for a tidier look. This simple style hack is able to define the waist and give the overall look a more put-together feel.


In conclusion, styling oversized t-shirts from The 97th Hour to create everyday fashion statements is an easy task if you stick to these tips by balancing the perfect proportions, adding some suitable accessories, mastering the art of layering, experimenting with vibrant colours, and finding the right fit according to your body. The 97th Hour is here to offer you a variety of stylish t-shirts for men that can help your unique styles with ease.